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Chef's Dream 2019
Portfolio Manager 2020
Alarm Clock 2019
Corona Virus Killer
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Chef's Dream 2020 ~ $ 5.00
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Trial Version Here
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Chef Dream Information

An application designed to help clean out your recipe case, make recipe storage easier,
and simplifying the task of scaling your recipes up or down. Check out some of the screenshots:

It offers a centralized recipe area. This is the startup screen. As you click through the tabs, the recipes are automatically refreshed for each category.

A meal Planner has been incorporated so you can keep ahead of the game

It has a scaling function to change your recipe yields to what you need

This part of the application is the Mix Master. Aptly named because of all the different mixtures of measurements you can perform.
Recipe calls for a smidgeon but only yields 4 servings. How much do you need for your Thanksgiving day feast?

Create shopping lists with ease by emailing the ingredients for the dish to your phone. You can also make a custom shopping list.

Portfolio Manager 2019 ~ $ 50

An app designed to cover the areas of portfolio management that are difficult to track like precious metals, cryptocurrencies, precious stones and other investment vehicles. For example how, many apps have a metal tracking tool with live updates? How many have cryptocurrency management? Very few that's how many. Where can you find one for precious stones? Not sure there is one! There are also other features of investment vehicles this application touches on. It's kind of a basket app for all the investment vehicles.

Well all of them are right here in this Portfolio Manager ~ COMING SOON!

Alarm Clock 2019 ~ Free!
Get it here

Wake to any song or video from your library

Corona Virus Killer ~ Free!
Click here to download

Use this app to help stop the pandemic. When you call a doctor or hospital they are telling you to self quaratine. This is the best option, however in doing so, you are not tested and thus not a confirmed case. Since only confirmed cases are being reported, the reality of the infection is much greater than the reported numbers. With enough reports from users of this software, it could show new unknown hot spots popping up before an outbreak occurrs in that area. Since it can be transmitted asymptomatically, it is especially difficult to stop it unless we all stop going out for awhile.

Excerpt from Email Report